Roast Lamb -                                                                               $23.99

Marinated Lamb Shoulder. A Royal Oak Favourite. 

Paidakia Skaras -                                                                      $23.99

Lamb Chops broiled to your satisfaction.

Baby Back Ribs ”Greek Style” -                                            $23.99

Marinated in oil, lemon juice, and oregano.

Kota Skaras -                                                                             $17.99

1/2 Chicken marinated and charbroiled.

Chicken Oregano -                                                                   $18.99

Broiled Chicken Breast marinated in lemon juice, seasoning, & oregano.

Garlic Tiger Prawns -                                                            $24.99

Sautéed in garlic butter. Too good to miss.

Calamari Dinner -                                                                  $19.99

Baby squid seasoned lightly and deep fried

Lamb Souvlaki -                                                                      $20.99

Tender lamb, marinated and cubed, broiled on a skewer.

Beef Souvlaki -                                                                       $19.99 

Tender sirloin steak, marinated and cubed, broiled on a skewer.

Chicken Souvlaki -                                                                 $18.99

Breast of Chicken, marinated and cubed, broiled on a skewer

Prawns Souvlaki -                                                                  $22.99

Jumbo Prawns marinated and broiled on a skewer.

Mousaka -                                                                                  $17.99

A popular Greek Casserole baked with layers of egg plant, zucchini, ground beef then topped with a velvety bechamel sauce.

Above dishes served with Greek Salad, Rice, Roast Potatoes, Tzatziki, & Pita Bread

Greek Platter

Greek Platter for 1  $26.99 

Greek Platter for 2  $52.99

Moussaka, Souvlaki (choice of chicken, beef, or lamb) Paidakia, Spinach Pie, Calamari, Greek Salad, Roast Potatoes, Rice, Tzatziki, & Pita Bread

Vegetarian Platter

Platter for 1  $17.99

Platter for 2  $34.99

Greek Salad, Spinach Pie, Dolmades, Rice, Roast Potatoes, Tzatziki, & Pita Bread.

Greek Specialities

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